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The Greedy Gelding is a catering horse box owned and run by us, Lily and Ran. On a wet and windy walk back in 2021 we decided that we wanted to start a new adventure in the world of catering. We came up with the idea of having a mobile food truck which we could use to visit different events around the South West. One week later we had our traditional Rice horse box and the work begun…

Buying a brand new food trailer would’ve been too easy, so we decided to convert it ourselves. Every weekend throughout the spring/summer of 2021 we stayed at Lily’s parents in Gloucestershire and spent hours ripping things out, making lots of holes, screwing lots of bolts and getting paint everywhere! Converting the trailer has taken a lot of time and we have learnt so many new skills along the way. Ran is at his happiest when there is a problem that needs to be solved and he can work away at it… and there were quite a few along the way. Lily on the other hand excels at designing and getting creative. We chose a bold colour so that our business would stand out at a busy event, although when painting the horse box we found it extremely difficult to remove the paint from skin and hair!

Appropriately named ‘The Greedy Gelding’ we wanted to stick with the horse themed name, for those of you who don’t know a Gelding is a young male horse. We felt the two words tied in perfectly with each other and rolled off the tongue nicely.

We want our small business to be as green and eco-friendly as we can make it. This includes serving our food and drinks from biodegradable packaging, and cups and using disposable wooden cutlery. We are hoping to install solar panels on the roof of the trailer in the New Year so we can generate our own electricity. Throughout our conversion we have worked with local companies to ensure we are not travelling far and to support other small businesses in the area. We will continue to work with these companies in the future.


 We had lots of help from friends and family whilst completing this project. Lily’s Dad, Andrew, who helped source almost all of the materials and put in a lot of hours to help us. Nicky, Lily’s mum who supplied endless lunches, cakes and hot drinks. Phoebe, Lily’s Sister for keeping morale up and Ran’s parents Sue and Mark for lots of helpful advice and problem solving. Not forgetting Bob, Lily’s Grampy, who would sit and watch us for most of the day in the sunshine, asking questions and giving what he thought, was helpful advice, and it was…most of the time! He was our biggest supporter.

Have a look through our photographs of our conversion, and see how we accomplished The Greedy Gelding.

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